Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS)

CAS (Controlled Atmosphere Storage) division is a business expansion of Pura Group which establishment was triggered by a deep concern on many horticultural produce that still rely on conventional storage methods, such as refrigeration. Such methods are no longer sufficient to store the products for longer period. 

CAS combines refrigeration and conditioning technology, utilizing Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Ethylene to provide long-term commodity storing device such as for shallot, chili, fruits, vegetables, etc.

The CAS division has the following facilities:

  • CAS machine: agricultural product storage machine (shallot, chili, vegetables, fruits, etc.) 
  • Vacuum Freeze Drying machine: A Drying machine for horticultural products through sublimation technology, where the products still retain their taste, color, aroma, vitamins, proteins contents, etc. This is the most appropriate system, usually applied in food, herbal products, medicine, and other health products industry. 
  • Vacuum Hot Drying machine: a high-temperature dehydration for substances in which shape shrinkage is allowed. For examples: the making of a dry chili, and various dehydrated leaves or herbal plants.