Moulded Paper Cushion Packaging

Pura Ecology is one of the divisions in Pura Group that specializes in designing and producing Ecopack, an innovative, eco-friendly Paper Moulding cushion packaging as an alternative for Styrofoam / Polystyrene, which is actually dangerous for health and environment. The raw material of this package is paper, so it can be fully recycled.


ecopack cushion packaging

Ecopack cushion packaging is a moulded paper cushion packaging applicable for:

  • Home appliances
  • Automotive spare parts and accessories
  • Bottle
  • Computer equipment
  • Consumer goods
  • Protector for the sides or the edges of a product
  • Electronics
  • Space for planting and seeding
  • Electrical equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Driving motor
  • Piping components
  • Pump

PURA Ecopack benefits:

  • Affordable and punctual production process, design, and prototype.
  • Excellent protection.
  • Price stability for the long term.
  • Nest System which enables space saving.
  • Made of entirely eco-friendly and recyclable materials.
  • Supports positive image for the consumers with its Eco Friendly basis.